About Us

The Mathematics Master is a startup where you not only polish your mathematical skills but come across hundreds of different calculators. There is not a single math problem on the planet that we cannot help you solve, and the same goes for calculators. Our custom-made calculators make sure that you get the answer to all and any of your problems on different levels. Your problems can be solved in seconds and you will experience the most fun and easy way to break them.

The Vision of The Mathematic Master – make math fun and enjoyable to learn with a platform easily accessible and available all over the globe. From complex formulas of Algebra to small math problems we come across in our lives, we make it; easy, enjoyable, and fun! We calculate everything, just insert your problems and you’ll see how amazing the world with math in it is!

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    The Purpose

    Have you ever thought that math can solve our problems, and in a better way than we can ever think?

    Math was not your favorite subject in high school, but that doesn’t mean you cannot apply a bit of math in your daily life. How to bring math into our lives? It’s pretty simple, math is there in every decision you make, you just have to realize it, and once you do that, you will know how easily you can handle things. Once you bring in the mathematical formulas in your decisions and spice them up with rationality with a pinch of emotions and intuitions, you will see how it all works.

    In MathematicMaster, Math is made so much fun to learn by breaking down every problem step by step. You won’t find math ‘difficult’ anymore, and that’s what makes it stand out. Mixing up mathematical formulations and calculations to make the best decisions is a great way to leave behind all the superstitions we believe, the false opinions we preach, and definitely the false assumptions we make when making a decision. Rational decisions are far better than emotional ones and the one’s made on hunches and untrue opinions.

    The Vision

    We are here to solve every single math problem, and there is none on the planet that can’t be solved by The Mathematics Master!

    It all started with building a go-to tool to solve every imaginable math problem on the planet. It's not the era where everybody is comfortable with using simple calculators, inserting formulas, and arithmetics; things have changed for the better. Now you can solve all of your math problems in a way that never unlocked before.

    The Mathematics Master envisions making math easy for all; from a college freshman to a manager of a high-profile firm, to a mother struggling with her child’s homework, there is not a single problem that we cannot solve for you in the easiest way.