Cube Root Calculator

In mathematics, the "cube root" means "the number that needs to be multiplied three times to acquire the original number." The online Cube Root Calculator shows the cube root of a specified value. The cube root is displayed in a matter of seconds thanks to The Mathematics Master online cube root calculator, which does the calculation more quickly. The symbol '∛ 'designates the cube root.

\( \sqrt[3]{x} = ? \)

Cube Root Definition

A real cube and tree roots may be the first images that come to mind when we hear the terms “cube” and “root.” Is it not? Well, the concept is the same. Root refers to the primary source or starting point. Therefore, we must consider which number’s cube we should take to get the given number.

Cube Root Formula

We can calculate the cube root of an integer using the following formula:

The cube root of \(x = \sqrt[3]{x} = \sqrt[3]{(y × y × y)} = y\),

Here y is the cube root of x. Additionally, if y has an integer value, the number x would be a perfect cube.

Applications of Cube Root Formula

The main uses of the cube root formula are listed below.

  • To resolve cubic equations
  • To determine the cube’s dimension, if the volume is known
  • To give an apartment’s precise dimensions, etc.

How to Use the Cube Root Calculator?

Follow these steps if you’re not sure how to do cube root on calculator:

  • Fill in the input field with the value of the radicand inside the cube root.
  • To obtain the cube root value, press the “Solve” button.
  • The output field will display the specified number’s cube root in the final step.

How to find cube root on calculator?

You must first enter the numeric value for which you need to calculate the cube root.

  • Press the root key √ twice
  • Press x (multiple sign)
  • Input √ (root key) four times
  • Tap x (multiple sign)
  • Press √ (root key) eight times
  • Tap x (multiple sign)
  • Press the √ (root key) twice one final time
  • Now press = (equal sign)! Here is your final result


What is the cube root of a number?

The number produced when a number is cubed the cube root of the original number. So, for instance, we know that \( 2 × 2 × 2 = 8\), and the cube root of 8 is 2.

What is the quickest way to determine a number’s cube root?

The prime factorisation approach is used to quickly get the cube root of perfect cubes.

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