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An online endpoint calculator is used to determine the endpoint of a line segment by knowing the line’s beginning and middle point. We only need to see the start and middle points to use our Endpoint calculator to determine the endpoint.

Endpoint Calculator
Starting point coordinates

Midpoint coordinates

What is an Endpoint?

An endpoint in geometry is a point that identifies a section of a straight line. For example, a segment is uniquely defined by two points, A and B, with a single point that bisects it, such as M (middle point).

A line segment’s endpoint is any point at either end. A line in a line segment does not extend past its endpoints. It is therefore described as a point where a line finishes.

Endpoint Formula

To derive the endpoint from the midpoint and other endpoints, we can use this formula

\( x_2 = 2x – x_1 \)

\( y_2 = 2y – y_1 \)


  • \( (x_2, y_2) \) are the coordinates of the endpoint
  • \( (x_1, y_1) \) are the starting point coordinate
  • (x, y) are the coordinates of the midpoint.

Endpoints and Midpoints

  • Endpoints are the locations along a segment where a line terminates.
  • Midpoints are the exact center of the line segment, located where the endpoints are.

The midpoint and the endpoint formula are connected. A midpoint is a location in the center of a line connecting two points. The midpoint formula can determine the other midpoint given one endpoint and a midpoint. Both midpoint and endpoint calculators are available on the internet for easy calculations.


Example 1: Point A is (5, 7). Point B is (x, y). The midpoint of AB is (17, –4). Next, find the endpoints of the line segment.

Point A is (5, 7). Point B is (x, y). The midpoint of AB is (17, –4). What is the value of B?

We need to use the midpoint formula which is \( \dfrac{x_1 + x_2}{2}, \dfrac{y_1 + y_2}{2} \).

\( MP = ( \dfrac{5 + x}{2}, \dfrac{7 + y}{2} ) \)

Solving each of them separately, we get:

\( \dfrac{5 + x}{2} = 17 → 5 + x = 34 → x = 29 \)

\( \dfrac{7 + y}{2} = –4 → 7 + y = –8 → y = –15 \)

B is (29, –15).


How many endpoints are there on a line?

Since only one line may travel through a given pair of points, lines are thought of as two points. A ray has one endpoint, a line segment has two endpoints, and a line has no endpoints.

In geometry, how do you locate the endpoint?

  • Draw the line segment between the starting point (A) and the midpoint (B)
  • Draw a line from B away from A in an endless direction.
  • Calculate the distance between places A and B, then record the distance from B traveling in the other direction. The marked point represents the goal endpoint.

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