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The basic mathematical operations on numbers, specifically decimal numbers, are carried out by the decimal calculator. The Mathematics Master free online decimal calculator performs fundamental and sophisticated functions on integers, real numbers, and decimals.

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What are Decimal numbers?

A decimal is a number divided into two parts: a whole and a fraction. Between integers, decimal numbers express the numerical value of complete and partially whole quantities.

Here is the decimal representation of the number “forty-five and six-tenths”: The decimal point is located between ones and tenths.

4 Tens, 5 Ones, and 6 Tenths make up the number 45.6.

The decimal point separates the whole number component from the fraction.

98.9 is an illustration of a decimal number. The total number, 98, is displayed on the left. Following the decimal point, there is a nine for the fraction, which signifies \( \frac{9}{10} \).

Decimal To Fraction Conversion

We know that the numbers represent the tenths, hundredths, thousandths, and so forth following the decimal point. Therefore, write the decimal numbers in expanded form to simplify the values while converting decimal to fraction.

For instance, 0.75

\(75 × (\dfrac{1}{100}) = \dfrac{75}{100} = \dfrac{3}{4}\) is the expanded form of the number 0.75.

How to use this Decimal Calculator?

The Mathematics Master decimal calculator is simple to use with an easy interface.

  • Key in the decimal numbers.
  • Select the procedure.
  • Press the Calculate key to get the output.


How to convert fraction to decimal?

The simplest way to convert fraction to decimal is to use a calculator. Divide the number on the top of the fraction (numerator) by the number at the bottom (denominator). Of course, you can use the long division method if you don’t want to use a calculator.

How to convert time to decimal?

  • Two hours are equal to \(2 \space hours × (\dfrac{1 \space hour}{ 1 \space hour})\).
  • Forty-five minutes equals \(45 \space minutes × (\dfrac{1 \space hour}{60 \space minutes})\), which equals 0.75 hours \((\dfrac{45}{60})\).
  • One hour is made up of 3600 seconds, therefore 45 seconds is \( (\dfrac{1 \space hour}{3600 \space seconds})\) = \( \dfrac{45}{3600} \space hours = 0.0125 \space hours\).
  • When we add them all up, we get \(2.7625 \space hours (2 \space hours + 0.75 \space hours + 0.0125 \space hours)\).

Alternatively, you might use a calculator with a time to decimal calculator.

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