Decimal to Percent Calculator

There are numerous ways to express a number, and you may need to convert between them. Use the Decimal to Percent Calculator, a free tool available online, to aid you with your calculations. The tool's user interface is straightforward, and all users need to do to access the percent value quickly is enter a decimal amount and click the button. You may easily convert decimals to percentages with this calculator, which provides the answer quickly and saves your time.

How to Convert Decimal to Percent

You can also perform this conversion without using a decimal to percent conversion calculator because it is rather straightforward. Simply use the following formula:

\( percent = decimal × 100 \)

Multiply the decimal by 100% to convert it to a percent.

How to Convert From Percent to Decimal

To use a percent value in other equations, it is frequently necessary to convert it to decimal form. The % symbol is absent from the decimal form.

Since percent means “per 100” changing a percentage to a decimal number only requires multiplying it by 100 and eliminating the % mark.

To convert without a percent to decimal converter, there are two easy ways. The first one is to use a formula; while in the second one you can move the decimal point.

Percent to Decimal Formula

Use the following formula to convert a percentage into the decimal form:

\( decimal = \dfrac{percent}{100} \)

As a result, 100 divided by the percent amount gives the decimal value.

How to Use the Decimal to Percentage Calculator?

Using our decimal to percent converter:

  1. Enter the decimal number in the first field of the decimal to percent calculator.
  2. The calculator will instantly show the outcome i.e. decimals to percentages.


Example 1: How do you turn 0.75 into a percent?

Convert the following decimals to percents: 0.75

\( 0.75 = 0.75 × 100 \% = \frac{75}{100} × 100 \% = 75 \% \)

Example 2: What is 3.5 as a percent?

Put 3.5 into percentage form. The decimal given should now be written as a fraction. The fraction is now multiplied by 100%.

\( \frac{35}{10} × 100\% = 350\% \)

Check our Fraction to Percent Calculator


How Do I Use the Decimal to Percent Calculator?

Simply enter the desired decimal amount in the input field, and then click the calculate button to quickly obtain the desired percentage result.

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