The Distance Calculator determines the distance between two locations in a 2D plane. The Mathematics Master Distance Calculator simplifies the distance between two points when their coordinates are known.

What is Distance?

We should define a distance first before discussing how to calculate distances. Distance is a metric that quantifies how far two objects or locations are from one another. You need two points to calculate the distance between them. Their spatial coordinates serve as a description of these points. Therefore, we require two coordinates specific to each point in 2D space.

Distance Formula

The distance formula is typically used to calculate the distance between two places. The Pythagorean theorem and the triangle construction are used to obtain the formula. The distance calculation is provided by

Distance, \( d = \sqrt{(x_2 – x_1)^2+(y_2 – y_1)^2} \)


\( (x_1, y_1) \) – starting point

\( (x_2, y_2) \) – ending point

Distance between two points

You have two options for measuring the distance: across the x-axis and down the y-axis. Or you can use the distance formula calculator to determine the length of any line segment.

If you can mentally construct a right triangle using the diagonal as the hypotenuse, you will be using the coordinates of the two endpoints. Again, you can use our distance calculator to aid with your calculations.


Example 1: If (4, 2) and (6, 1) are two points, we can find the distance using the following steps.

Distance (d) \( = \sqrt{(6 – 4)^2+(1 – 2)^2} = \sqrt{(2)^2+(-1)^2} = \sqrt{5} \)

Distance: 2.2360679774998

Note: If both the points are at the origin, i.e. (0, 0) and (0, 0), then their distance will also be zero.


What is the distance formula in physics?

In physics, distance is defined as an object’s speed multiplied by the amount of time it takes for it to complete its whole course. To compute the distance precisely, the units used for each variable must be compatible. For instance, we should find the speed in meters per second if the distance is measured in meters.

\( d = s × t\)

“d” stands for distance,
“s” for speed, and
“t” for time

How to find the distance between 2 points?

The formula to calculate the distance between two points is \( d = \sqrt{(x_2 – x_1)^2+(y_2 – y_1)^2} \). We can use this equation to calculate the separation between any two locations on an x-y plane or coordinate plane.

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