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A midpoint, also known as the halfway point, is the point on a segment of a straight line in geometry that divides it into two halves. The midpoint calculator determines the coordinates of the midpoint (M) of a line segment defined by its two endpoints.

Midpoint Calculator
First point coordinates

Second point coordinates

A segment is uniquely defined by two points (let’s say A and C) and has a singular point (let’s say B) in the middle. A midpoint can be defined more precisely as a point dividing segment AC in half.

How to Calculate Midpoint

Let’s face it; there are times when the ideal midpoint calculator is the one that is simple to use and doesn’t even require us to understand the midpoint formula! However, refer to the formula below if you want to know the precise formula for calculating midpoints.

Midpoint formula

The midpoint formula can determine the precise middle of a line. This formula is commonly applied in both the real world and math issues.

We can use the following equation to determine the midpoint of a line formed by points A and B:

Example: How to find the midpoint of a line segment with the given endpoints: A (5, 8), B (6, 15)


\( x_1 = 5 \)
\( x_2 = 6 \)
\( y_1 = 8 \)
\( y_2 = 15 \)

So, place these values into the formula:

\( M = (\dfrac{x_1 + x_2}{2}, \dfrac{y_1 + y_1}{2}) \)

\( M = (\dfrac{5 + 6}{2} , \dfrac{8 + 15}{2}) \)

\( M = (\dfrac{11}{2}, \dfrac{23}{2}) \)

\( M = (5.5, 11.5) \)

Additionally, if you don’t want to do arithmetic, you can get the midpoint by entering the coordinate value into the midpoint formula calculator. Moreover, you’ll find the Midpoint calculator useful when dealing with decimals or big numbers.

A midpoint calculator makes it simple to locate missing coordinates and displays the entire graph for those values.


Why is it important to use the midway formula?

The midpoint formula is used when it is necessary to determine the precise center point between two specified points. For example, use the midpoint line segment formula to find the point that divides a line segment defined by two points when dealing with lines. So, use the aforementioned easy midpoint calculator to determine the precise midpoint between any two specified positions.

What is the midpoint of 40 and 60?

Calculate the average of any two numbers by adding them up and dividing by two to determine the midway of any two numbers. Here, 40 Plus 60 equals 100, and \(\frac{100}{2}\) equals 50.

What is a midpoint method calculator?

In arithmetic, the midpoint can be calculated using the Midpoint Method Calculator, while in economics, it is used to determine the Price Elasticity of Demand.

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