Gamma Function Calculator

The Gamma function \(Γ(x)\) of a given positive number x is calculated using the gamma function calculator. Our gamma function calculator speeds up calculations by using the most accurate gamma function approximations to assist in determining the value of the gamma function for both simple and complex parameters.

Gamma(x) = (x - 1)!

The Greek letter \(Γ\) can be used to represent the gamma function, which is only defined for positive integers.

What are the Gamma function and Gamma function properties?

The gamma function in mathematics is akin to the factorial function, but it extends the factorial function to real and complex numbers by moving the input down by one.

Because the factorial function can only accept positive integers, the gamma function can handle both complex numbers and fractional values.

The definition of the Gamma function \(Γ(x)\) for \(x > 0\) is:

\(Γ(x) =\int_0^∞  t^{(z-1)} e^{-t}  dt \)

Where is Gamma Function used?

Gamma Function Calculator is a statistical and probability tool for data analysis used in the domains of probability, statistics, and combinatorics. It is built to compute a particular type of factorial utilized in several probability distribution functions. Based on the input of the x value, this calculator calculates the Gamma function value.

How to Use the Gamma Function Calculator?

The gamma function calculator should be used as follows:

  • Enter the numbers into the input box.
  • To obtain the answer, now select “Calculate”.
  • The output field will then show the complex factorial value using the gamma function for the provided integer.


What is an incomplete gamma function?

A definite integral in mathematics defines the gamma function. The incomplete gamma function is an integral function of the same integrand. The higher incomplete gamma function is used when the lower limit of integration is variable (i.e., while the “upper” limit is fixed). In contrast, the lower incomplete gamma function allows for changeable upper limits on integration.

Why is the gamma function used?

The factorial function is extended into the real and complex plane by the unique function known as the gamma. Due to its application in integration, it is frequently encountered in physics and engineering.

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