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The Average Calculator is a free online tool that shows the Mean or average of the given numbers. The online Average Calculator tool from the Mathematics Master expedites computations and shows the outcome in a flash of time.

What is an average?

The average is a general concept applied to many different aspects of life. For example, to tackle some issues, whether you are a student, researcher, or architect, you might have to compute the average of several data sets.

The term “average” refers to the center of the calculation. In mathematics, the term “average” refers to a number representing a collection of numbers. It is calculated by summing all the values and dividing that sum by the total number of values. Average can be calculated in various ways, including Mean, median, and mode.

Average formula

\( Average = \dfrac{Sum}{count}\)

Average and Mean are the same!

The measures of central tendency are average and mean. They provide information about the most prevalent number in a data set or the number that most accurately sums up all the other numbers in the data set.

How to Calculate Average

The primary way of calculating the average consists of two steps.

Add all the figures and divide the sum by the total number of inputs.

For example:

\(8,4,6,2,14,10\) (a total of six inputs)

Average: \(8+4+6+2+14+\dfrac{10}{6}\).

Average = \(\dfrac{44}{6}\)

Average = \(7.33\)

Why use an Average Calculator?

If there are no time constraints and the inputs are simple, calculating the average of a set of numbers is not difficult. However, manual computation methods do not perform as well when working with complex quantities and having limited time. First, it is challenging to add and divide complex numbers. Second, the process becomes significantly more difficult if you are a user without extraordinary calculation abilities.

How to use the Average Calculator?

Follow these steps:

  • Input each number separately
  • Click the Average Calculator button
  • You will see the result showing the average number.


What is the average rate of change?

The average rate of change is the change in a quantity’s value divided by the amount of time that has passed. It establishes the slope of the secant line between the two points of a function. To get the average rate at which one variable is changing in relation to another changing quantity in the provided statement, you can use an online average rate of change calculator.

What is the stock average calculator?

The average cost of your stocks when you buy the same stock multiple times is calculated using a stock average calculator.

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