FOIL Calculator

A free online application called Foil Calculator shows how to simplify an expression. For example, the Mathematics Master online foil calculator determines the multiplication of two separate binomials and quickly shows the result using the FOIL method.

What is Meant by Foil?

FOIL is a method for distributing binomials in mathematics. FOIL is short for:

F: First ( First term of each binomial is multiplied by each other)
O: Outer (Outer terms are multiplied by one another)
I: Inner (Inner terms are multiplied by each other)
L: Last ( Last terms of each binomial are multiplied by each other).

Once the operation is finished, we should simplify the algebraic statement.

For instance, consider the two binomials \((x+1)\) and \((x+2)\).

It becomes \((x+1) (x+2) = (x. x) + (x.2) + (1.x) + (1.2)\) by applying the FOIL method.

How to Use the Foil Calculator?

Using distributive law, the online foil technique calculator computes the product of two terms as follows:

  • Input the two binomials
  • To get the simplification, now select “Calculate”.
  • Third step: the output field will display the simplified expression.

The Distributive law:

The FOIL method is similar to the distributive law:




The \((y + z)\) is dispersed over the first expression’s sum in the first step. The distributive law is used in the second step to simplify each term in the two binomials. Additionally, this approach needs three different implementations of the distribution characteristic. The distributive process, as opposed to the FOIL, readily applies to multiplications involving more binomials, such as trinomials.


What is a reverse foil calculator?

The FOIL method of multiplying binomials is reversed using the reverse foil calculator. There are a variety of techniques to factor the quadratic equations. The reverse FOIL method should be tried first, though. The quadratic form of the equation is converted into a product of two binomials using the reverse FOIL method.

What does FOIL mean in math?

To FOIL in mathematics is to multiply two binomials together. FOIL is abbreviated as the term “order to multiply the terms of the binomials”.

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